Vendor Managed Inventory

With Aerospace Fasteners Inc.’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service, product inventory is maintained at the customer site and on consignment by our company. The customer determines the onsite inventory level, and we maintain replenishment inventory on aircraft hardware and parts designated for all Vendor Managed Inventory programs in our central warehouse.

Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Consolidation – Minimize the logistical headaches and potentially costly efforts of dealing with multiple vendors to maintain the proper supply of the products you need.

Enhanced Lot Traceability – Maintaining an onsite inventory typically requires additional costs and work to keep track of it all. However, with our VMI services, we provide all the tracking and tracing needed for every item.

Reduce Inventory – Never worry about overstocking again with our VMI services. Because your onsite stock is maintained through consignment, you only pay for the aerospace hardware that you use.

Purchase Order Reduction – Take a break from sending out all those PO’s and use our VMI service instead. A fully-stocked inventory on consignment means fewer purchase orders, less accounting, and less paperwork!

Consolidated Billing – Stop shuffling through stacks of invoices for various one-off purchases and single item orders. Our VMI service consolidates all of your products and services into one convenient bill.

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