About Our Commercial Aerospace & Military Applications

Aerospace Fasteners Inc. is a family-owned aircraft hardware distribution company that offers a wide variety of fasteners and custom solutions for your aerospace needs. Our corporate headquarters, office, and 34,000-square-foot warehouse is located in Palestine, TX to better serve our clients. We strive to offer superior commercial and military applications that focus on detail and precision. We have served the aerospace industry since 1979, handling a vast assortment of hardware requests, while customizing inventory management services to meet each client’s particular needs.

Aerospace Fasteners Inc. understands that building and manufacturing superior aerospace technologies require the best hardware and equipment available. We are AS9100, Rev. D/ISO 9001:2015 certified and highly dedicated to stocking and maintaining the highest-quality parts from reputable manufacturers. From specialty aerospace kitting to our hassle-free vendor managed inventory systems, Aerospace Fasteners Inc. reinforces our customers’ operations with advanced aerospace product customization and support services. Contact our company today at (903) 723-0693 to learn more about our aerospace services and products.

Winner of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award (5 Straight Years)

Winner of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award (5 Straight Years)

At Aerospace Fasteners Inc., we realize that building and manufacturing superior aerospace technologies requires the best products and equipment available. Learn all about our company and our commitment to helping you.

Customer Service

We extend the culture of our family-run business to our clients, who experience a personal touch with superior individualized service. Impeccable documentation and on-time delivery to every client is our top priority. That's why industry leaders have stayed connected with Aerospace Fasteners Inc. An account manager from Aerospace Fasteners Inc. is assigned to each plant and partners with customers on cost out opportunities for more personalized service and better communication.

Quality Products & Services

  • Aerospace Fasteners Maintains AS9100, Rev. D/ISO 9001:2015 Approval
  • All Parts Are Inspected Prior to Shipment, With Paperwork Held at Aerospace Fasteners Inc.
  • Aerospace Fasteners Inc.’s Philosophy Is On Time Every Time, Defect Free

Contact us in Palestine, Texas, for more information about the quality of our aerospace products and services.